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Master Locks Service: Best Keyless Entry Systems

There are so many keyless entry systems available now and there is certainly one that will fit in your price range while still suiting your needs. Are you located in or near Westchester, IL? If you are, you can contact Master Locks Service. We can help you to choose the best keyless entry system for your property! We have a lot of experience in this area. Here, we are going to outline some of the things to look for when you decide to go keyless, and we are going to mention some of the most popular systems out there today.

What to Look For

Ease of Access and Operation for the Property Owner

Keyless entry systems allow you to gain access to your property using a code, a card, fingerprint, or you can even benefit from a remote access system to control who is able to get in. You can give access to the people you trust. Forget having to create a copy of a key for every new employee. Forget having to remember to grab the duplicate of your key back the next time your family member leaves to go back to their home. You can simply provide them with a code.

As mentioned, popular keyless entry systems include keypad entries, card access, and in some cases, fingerprint identification. Card access might be seen on a college campus or even at a theme park. You might have a card to get into your community gym. Keypad entries are sometimes used next to garage doors. Fingerprint identification is most frequently used by commercial customers.

Security is a concern for anyone, no matter where they live or no matter whether they are a homeowner or a landlord. You have to consider your options and you have to protect your property. If you own a home consider going keyless – you can have this type of system installed next to your garage door. You can have it installed outside of your gate that leads down the driveway. There are even systems that let you have remote control access. We mean you have the ability to lock and unlock doors from a phone, even if you are not nearby. This can be a huge perk for some. You can use your smartphone to give your kids access to your home when you are not there, but you can make sure they aren’t bringing anyone else inside.

Consider Your Budget

Obviously, there are different systems for different budgets. It’s worth it to check online to get ideas. You are definitely going to find something that works for you.

Connect With a Locksmith for Guidance

The options can fast become overwhelming. It might be best to talk with a professional.

Just to give you an idea, we are providing some of the options at your disposal below. Some of the top picks in recent history include:

  • Best Smart Homes: Schlage Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt
  • Favorite Overall: Schlage Camelot Keypad
  • Best Keyless System for Access Utilizing a Fingerprint: Ultraloq Fingerprint Lock
  • Best Budget: Kwikset Keypad Deadbolt Lock
  • Best for Access without Use of a Key: Schlage Touch Camelot Lock
  • Favorite for Access to a Garage: Clicker Garage Door Opener

What about other options? You can find the ones above on a site like Amazon. But also consider options such as the Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry w/ Flex-Lock. You will discover that this system lets you plug in a code in order to open a door. The battery life is solid. You can store several codes in the system, allowing you to give different ones to different people.

The Kwikset 92640 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock is a more affordable option. Not everyone has a huge budget that they are able to spend on security, and this is totally understandable. The manufacturers of this particular option are a dependable name in the industry. You could be looking at spending close to the ballpark $60 for this system. This option automatically locks itself after a few seconds or up to a little over a minute, but you can set the timing so that it works for you. Why not?

If fingerprint reading is what you are looking for, check out the Ultraloq Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Lock as mentioned above. It has a handle that is adjustable and a key slot. Numerous fingerprints and codes can be programmed into the lock which might be beneficial if you have a business property that a lot of people need to access, but you want to keep access to this group of people and this group of people only. Fingerprint access can be extremely easy because no one has to remember to carry a card.

Maybe you have a “smart” home. The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen deadbolt can be utilized with a home automation system and you can take advantage of a voice command option to open the door. Of course, this is extremely convenient. You have the ability to unlock and lock the doors from off-site, too.

A couple other options available for less than $100 include the MiLocks Satin Nickel Entry Door Knob. One of the cool things about this system is it comes with a glow in the dark keypad, which makes it easier for you to see if you arrive to your building or home at night. Another option is the Honeywell Electronic Keyless Deadbolt in Satin Nickel. The size is small but it does a big job, and again, you’re looking at spending less than $100.

The specific type of system you make the decision to go with comes down to convenience and personal preference – and of course, whatever your budget happens to be. It’s a good idea to connect with a locksmith to learn more. You will want to have your questions answered by an expert. A keyless system is often preferred over a manual lock. There are so many keyless entry systems available, as you can see in this article, and there is undoubtedly one that will fit in your price range. Take a look at your options and call a locksmith when you are ready for installation!